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The advantages of uniform

         Must have men's and women's clothing overalls, satisfy the business enterprise in both men and women to wear.Garment enterprise is now no one can guarantee good men's and women's clothing products produced at the same time.Respectively to the men's and women's clothing enterprise procurement, and increased work difficulty (double, double after-sales service purchasing process, the risk of a double), but also may lead to male and female worker mental imbalance.
Overalls more prominent specificity (enterprise identification).Uniforms must be unit specially designed or selected custom for oneself, clothing is very difficult to have a ready-made product just can meet the requirements of this unit.The uniform sample one thousand thousand.Overalls are groups, but every one of us to wear, so the demand for clothing (especially appropriate or not) is one thousand thousands of samples to make employee satisfaction, have to be someone special service to each worker.And garment enterprises generally don't prepare the technical personnel and service personnel to service.

Overalls more durable.Now purchase amount of the largest companies, but also every worker an average of four sets of one year, and a set of clothes to wear every day, and a wear is a year, for clothing is very durable.So, in the clothing materials and pay particular attention to durability, process and working clothes should also consider non-normal situation, it is generally not considered when garment production.

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