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The uniform design should be let into the local culture


        The uniform is the designer clothing company designed style, coveralls design style is different from garment factory designer's personal style and cultural characteristics of the enterprise, and both are under the influence of local culture, the root of the uniform is here.Since local culture is made up of is formed with the development of the national traditional culture, including a common language, regional, economic life and so on, it affected the local people's habits and customs, also contains the artistic style of people and clothing.Uniform culture and local culture.

Should pay attention to from the "root" draw on the essence of local culture, rather than some fur hunting for copying.Mentioned local, there will be some design on the usage, such as selection of traditional patterns, to borrow a traditional modelling, or choose a traditional style of the fabric, the disadvantages of these methods is that the nationality of the plain "graphic" on, good design should is "natural" to carve without showing traces of natural language and verve, it belongs to the true meaning of local design art, hard-won.Famous Japanese costume design connotation, has the Japanese style of color, color of the rat application also appears extremely natural and proper.Again like the Chinese traditional "ruyi cloud volume" design can be used, but can constitute, combination or scattered, or only take its modelling of flowing lines and so on.The adornment of the traditional craft embroidery, Mosaic, the button can be used, but the overall profile, clothing color is modern and popular.Be able to use "and not" "plausible" fuzzy design method is often designed ace.

Consciousness of local culture and local accumulation performance in all aspects of the local art, therefore, the uniform of a local design method can be found in all aspects from all kinds of the national art, such as traditional Chinese painted pottery, bronze ware, porcelain, building, painting and calligraphy art, traditional humble personality, introspection, etiquette, implicative, the adornment of the traditional color of symbolic, and so on, can cause, statute, the uniform design, make it not only conforms to modern people's aesthetic taste and appreciation level, and the unique charm of Chinese traditional costume culture.

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