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Anti-static clothing matters needing attention when using

1, anti-static clothing should be kept clean, keep the antistatic performance, dip in with soft brush, soft cloth after using neutral detergent scrub, shall not damage the fiber material.
2, use anti-static clothing, still should with anti-static shoes, at the same time should also be conductive ground floor.
3, use after period of time, in the face of the test in the anti-static clothing, if static performance does not conform to the standard requirements, cannot be used to prevent electrostatic overalls
4, all in normal circumstances, explosive gas mixture frequently appeared continuously, short time or long time place and likely the sites with explosive air mixture, the minimum ignition energy fuel under 0.25 mJ, should use anti-static clothing.
5, forbidden to take off the anti-static clothing in inflammable and explosive places.

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